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    Due to the ever rising cost of university fee’s and the unpredictable housing market, many families today will simply not be able to afford to put their children through further education after leaving school or even afford to help save up a deposit for their very first home.

    With a
    Junior ISA Account, the child can enjoy tax free savings throughout the lifetime of the account until they reach adulthood. These much needed funds can help towards the start of their financial future and help teach them the importance of savings rather than borrowing.


    Any funds invested within the Children isa will remain locked in until the child reaches 18 years of age. Once the child reaches this age the Junior ISA will automatically change to a regular ISA account and they will have full access to the funds.


    Features of the Junior ISA (Junior Individual Savings Account For Children)

  • You can invest up to £4000 per year tax free
  • Grandparents, family members & even friends can contribute towards Junior ISAs
  • Every eligible child can have both a cash & an Investment Junior ISA account
  • The funds are locked away and cannot be withdrawn until the child reaches adulthood
  • Helps to teach the child the importance of savings

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